Green Commerce

Our evorimently fpolicy doesn't just extend to our practices and services we employ but also the products we sell!

Here at Total Cards, as well as being passionate about what we do, we are also highly aware of the impact that the logistical issues and carbon foot print that is being caused by the industry we are in.

What we currently do to help reduce our own Carbon Footprint.

Our website is hosted by a company who is 100% powered by renewable energy from the sun, wind and sea and utilises the energy it generates to power its servers and buildings.

We offer Boxless options when purchasing. This allows us to reduce the unwanted packaging within parcels, creating less impact within the delivery network and also in turn, offering our customers even lower prices on the products you want. With this, we are then able to reuse and recycle the packaging ourselves, either in the form of shredding which we use to protect parcels during transit, or fully recycle any plastics.

Our courier of choice DPD, one of the biggest couriers in the UK, is moving all their fleet of delivery Vans to be powered by electricity. The move started in 2020, but DPD will soon have the biggest fleet of Electric vans as Nissan have agreed a deal to build 600 new vans for DPD. By choosing DPD as our courier of choice, we based our decision on being able to send out our customers orders, knowing that efforts were being made to offset any impact that was being created.

As a team, we actively recycle the waste we generate within work as much as we can as well as encouraging staff to walk, or bike to work for those who can.

As mentioned above, we reuse cardboard from all our deliveries, which we shred into small cuttings to allow us to use as box filler within the orders. As well as its great purposes for being reused, we also find that it works incredibly well at keeping orders safe and protected during transit, by cushioning any knocks or bumps parcels may have during transit. On some occasions it is necessary to use bubble wrap within the orders, but we do try to limit this as much as possible. After speaking to customers about this packaging method, we have also found that you guys are also finding your own ways at home to be able to reuse the shredding, which is great!

What we are looking to introduce.

We are aware that Global warming is a massive issue at the moment and unless changes are made, it will only get worse. Even by taking small steps and making tiny changes in our daily lives we will start to see improvements.

We know there is more as a company that we can do and we are actively working towards bringing changes to the way we operate to help us do this.

We will soon be introducing plastic free packaging tape. Not only will it reduce the amount of tape we use, but it will also mean that it will be fully recyclable and biodegradable.

We are also looking at working with companies which help us offset our carbon footprint by making donations to planting trees in areas to help promote a long term effort to restore and extend natural forest habitats providing both a carbon sink and a healthy wildlife ecosystem.

This is just a start of what we hope to be able to achieve and offer, so please keep checking back to see the efforts we are making.

If you have any suggestions of how you feel we could improve or any changes you would like to see us make, please let us know by getting in touch.

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