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January 18, 2021 - 10:00 am Pokemon May V Battle Decks Announced

Pokemon May V Battle Decks Announced

We have more exciting news for all you Pokemon fanatics out there, the May V Battle Decks have been confirmed!

As for now we don't know which Pokemon will be the stars of these decks, however, we can speculate. We know that Empoleon and Tyranitar got some alternate artwork released for them recently so we are hoping that these may make an appearance and be the stars of the decks!

What's usually included in V Battle Deck?

  • 1 ready-to-play 60-card deck
  • 3 reference cards
  • 1 rules booklet
  • Single-player playmat
  • Damage counters
  • 1 large metallic coin
  • 1 deck box
  • 1 Quick Guide to unlock the strategies within
  • 1 code card to play this deck online

We can't wait to see who the stars of the new V Battle Deck are going to be! if you want to secure your decks you can check them out in the related products section below. We'd recommend getting your order in soon, these always sell out fast! If you're like us and you can't wait for the next big set, Battle Styles, you can check out everything it has to offer by clicking the banner below.

January 18, 2021 - 9:30 am Create an intricate structure in Coatl!
Board Games

Create an intricate structure in Coatl!

The appointment of a new Aztec High Priest is imminent. In Coatl you play as Aztec Priests, you compete to win the favour of the gods in order to become the next high priest! In the game players each attempt to construct a beautiful and valuable winged serpent. These serpents, known as Coatl, are constructed from a head, tail and numerous colourful body blocks. On a turn, players will either take tiles from the central board to their personal board, or work to construct one of their Coatls with the different tiles they've collected. The game end is triggered when one player finishes their third Coatl. Players receive points for fulfilling objectives, and the one with the most is named the new High Priest! The game supports 1 to 4 players and takes 30 to 60 minutes to play. The game is simple but elegant and is a great game to add for any collection.

Each copy of Coatl contains the following components:

  • 150 Coatl pieces
  • 54 Prophecy cards
  • 15 Temple cards
  • 1 Supply board
  • 4 Player boards
  • 12 Sacrifice tokens
  • 3 Supply bags
  • 1 First Player token
  • 1 Rulebook
  • 1 Solo sheet

Find out more about Coatl in the related products section below. If you're after something a bit different, then why not check out our entire range of board games by clicking the button below.

January 17, 2021 - 5:00 pm Boost your deck with these awesome Kaldheim theme boosters!
Magic The Gathering

Boost your deck with these awesome Kaldheim theme boosters!

The release of the newest Magic set is rapidly approaching. The upcoming Kaldheim set promises to be an epic edition to the game. The set will introduce a ton of cards for spirits, trolls, dwarves, shapeshifters and much more. A ton of products are due to drop on the release date including boosters, decks and bundles. If you know what you like to play then a great purchase would be a couple of theme boosters.

Each theme booster contains a total of 35 cards, with a variable number of commons and uncommons and contains 1 rare or mythic rare. If you're looking to grab some cards to go directly into your deck then these theme boosters are perfect as they each contain cards based on a colour theme. There are six variations of the theme booster, one for each of the five colours and a version that focuses on vikings.

Take a look at all of theme boosters in the related products section below. You can buy theme boosters individually, in a set of six or a full case containing 12 booster. Also make sure to check out all of the awesome products coming with the Kaldheim release by clicking on the button below.

January 17, 2021 - 2:30 pm Race to conquer in Imperial Struggle!
Board Games

Race to conquer in Imperial Struggle!

The game of Imperial Struggle covers over 100 years of war between England and France. The game is not merely about war: both France and Britain must build the foundations of a colonial empire, deal with the other nations of Europe, and compete for glory. During peace turns, players build economically and take advantage of historical events. Players must choose investments wisely and deny good opportunities to their opponent. During war turns, each theatre of war can bring great rewards but any colonial gains can be diminished during the formation of treaties. At the end of the game, one nation will emerge victorious as the greatest empire in the world, whilst the other will have to settle for second best.

Each copy of the game includes the following:

  • 1 mapboard
  • 1 rulebook
  • 1 playbook
  • 2 playmats
  • 1 Investment Tile display
  • 2 double-sided War displays
  • 2 player aids
  • 4 countersheets
  • 41 Event cards
  • 26 Ministry cards

Find out more about Imperial Struggle in the related products section below. Alternatively, click the button below to view the entire range of board games available.

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