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March 10, 2020 - 12:00 am New Accesories From Gamegenic Now In Stock!!!

New Accesories From Gamegenic Now In Stock!!!

A huge delivery of new accessories has just arrived in our warehouse from Gamegenic and they are really amazing. Very good quality, lots of finishes, color, sizes, models and variants on Playmats, Deck Holders, Premium Deck Boxes, Vaults and Sleeves. All of them at great prices!!

This is the first of many deliveries of new products that are arriving with us very soon, but we'll discuss some of the few we just got:

  • Deck Holders: With this casual product, players receive a smart and fast solution to store and organise their card decks. All includes a Flex Card Divider inside, and can hold 80+ double-sleeved cards (up to 100+ on the biggest versions). With great quality and a great selection of color, sizes and models to choose from, they are a really smart choice for the price.
  • Sleeves: From affordable options to pro-quality sleeves, these new selection of card sleeves will provide your decks with the extra protection they deserve. Soft Sleeves and Inner Sleeves have surprised us quite a bit, due to the quality they offer for such an amazing price, and the Prime Sleeves have become the new favourite for some of us.
  • Premium Deck Boxes: Really great quality and amazing finishes. That's what you can expect from these new Premium Deck Boxes. From the Squire Deck Box, simple yet effective, to the convertible Watchtower that combines deck box, accessories drawer and card holder in one elegant box, all the way up to the amazing Dungeon 1100+, which can easily hold a hole card collection in one box. If quality is what you are looking for, you should really check them out.
Great games deserve amazing supplies to protect them and enhance your gaming experience. We aim to go above and beyond, turning unique experiences into extraordinary. Being gamers ourselves, we love to share this passion by designing products that help to catch the charm and the spirit of the game.

All the new accessories form Gamegenic that we've received today can be viewed down below.

March 07, 2020 - 12:00 am Gamegenic TCG Accessories Shipping Next Week!

Gamegenic TCG Accessories Shipping Next Week!

Were super excited to be finally getting the delivery of Gamegenic next week! We received the news last year that these would be on our shelves early 2020 and with the release brings loads of new products to protect your trading cards in the most vibrant and well designed products!

We don't have the full range just yet as Gamegenic are releasing them in multiple waves and the first will be shipping next week.

We've hand picked just a smaple of accessories below which we know everyone is going to love, these guys don't compromise on quality and with card protection becoming an ever increasing factor you won't be dissapointed by what they have on offer regarding card protection and also storage! 

December 06, 2019 - 5:11 pm Christmas Countdown - Day 6 - Accessory Extravaganza!

Christmas Countdown - Day 6 - Accessory Extravaganza!

Sooner or later we're going to run out of jazzy names for our Christmas Countdown but today is not that day!!

For Day 6 of our Christmas Countdown we have an a sale on all of our accessories!

Today only, you can receive a 5% discount on all accessories purchased! Simply use the discount code "ULTRA5" to claim! As always, this isn't valid on sale or pre-order products!

Remember this is one day only so make sure you don't miss out on these great stocking fillers!

March 13, 2019 - 11:01 am Pokemon - Ultra Ball - Accessory Bundle!!!
Pokemon Accessories

Pokemon - Ultra Ball - Accessory Bundle!!!

We have an awesome new deal on the Ultra Ball accessories. Now you can get all the Ultra Ball accessories in one awesome package.

Get everything you need to keep your cards safe and secure while keeping them looking stylish. The Ultra Ball accessory Bundle comes with:

  • 1x 9-Pocket Binder
  • 1x Deck Box
  • 3x 65 pack of sleeves
  • 1x Playmat

Pokemon - Ultra Ball - Accessory Bundle

Pokemon - Ultra Ball - Accessory Bundle

This Ultra Ball Accessory Bundle includes everything you need to either store your collection or set up play against a worthy opponent.


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We stock a massive range of Ultra Pro, Ultimate Guard and Dragon Shield accessories for all your trading card needs. From Deck protectors and deck boxes to portfolios and pro binders. Not only do we stock all the latest ultra pro accessories but you’ll also find many Pokémon, Magic The Gathering and Yugioh accessories.

Card protection and card storage are just as important as the cards, to help protect your collection and keep your cards in mint condition ultra pro have a wide range of products to suit everyone. Card protection has never been so important not only does it help you keep the value of your favorite trading cards but they also look great.

Ultra Pro have some of the best names on their client list ensuring that there is a constant supply of Trading Card accessories all year round. Ultra is the leading manufacturer and supplier of sports and gaming collectibles accessories, photo and scrapbooking albums and pages and Ultra Sleeves. They have been designing and manufacturing top quality products since 1952, and their brands are recognized for its high quality standards and design innovations.

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