Welcome to Total Cards! My name is Adrian, and I started out selling Pokemon Cards back in 2013 after having such a large personal collection and being in need of extra cash to pay for new cards. Total Cards was born from my past experience of purchasing Pokemon products for my own collection and noticing that there wasn't a company out there that had the same passion and care for the game that I had.

After some time I started selling cards from my own collection on ebay and noticed the growing demand for Pokemon was still very much alive as it was back in 1999. At the same time as this, I noticed that there was still a lack of attention to detail and passion for the Pokemon TCG whilst building my collection. It was clear that this was missing from the UK at the time, as there was no go-to store online that focused solely on Pokemon and showed the dedication for the game that I had. I continued to buy from various stores online, which proved to be very tedious and over the months I noticed increasing prices and very limited availability for various products as nobody in the UK stocked specific blisters and other various items I needed for my collection. I had no choice but to purchase these from outside the UK which cost me even more for my hobby, it was at this point I had to do something about this as I know others would have been in the same situation as myself.

This is when I had the lightbulb moment of starting up my own store from which I would be able to combine my personal hobby of selling cards, as this was very popular on my ebay account and was consuming most of my free time on an evening, and helping improve the availability and standard of buying Pokemon cards in the UK as this was becoming more of an inconvenience than a hobby.

Over the next few years the site expanded so much that we took on new and existing trading card games, to sit alongside our increasing amount of Pokemon products.

Fast-forward to 2017 and Total Cards is now at the forefront of stocking the cheapest Pokemon products online and also many other tcg's, and providing the very best service becoming one of the only places to purchase all your trading card supplies. As the store continues to grow I still keep the high standards of service and offer the lowest prices, as I set out to provide back in 2013, as this after all was our ultimate goal.

Why Should I Order From Total Cards

Today, consumers have no shortage of options where to buy Pokemon or other trading cards online. Unfortunately, many online sellers come and go, and it is therefore essential to deal with a reputable company that has experience selling trading cards and has the expertise to deliver the high standards that you would expect to receive. Total Cards is known for selling an expansive range of all your favourite trading card games on the internet since 2013 and today is one of the largest online stores in the UK. Many online sellers try to cut corners and save money which is reflected in the service you receive from them. Our level of care and standards have tried to be replicated over the years and have failed as they truly lack the dedication that it takes to deliver such a high level of service. We are truly confident that Total Cards is the best in the business and offer our customers the cheapest prices and best service available.

Why Are Your Prices So Cheap?

It's a very popular question that we get asked especially as cheaper prices, in some cases can mean fake products, with us this is not the case. Today we are one of the largest online TCG retailers in the UK and it's simply what I set out to do with Total Cards from the beginning, and that was complete transparency with pricing. I wanted the very best for collectors and players to benefit from a UK store that offered competitive prices which was missing in the market from the early days of me collecting Pokemon cards. It's even more important in this current financial climate as we would rather see the saving go back into our customers pockets and not ours.
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