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You - Superpowered

You - Superpowered

A mysterious meteorite has given YOU and your closest friends and family members amazing new gifts: SUPERPOWERS!

Together, you have all agreed to move to Superb City to fight crime and protect its citizens under the new Superhero Code. Using your newfound superpowers, nearby objects, and your real-life knowledge and creativity, you and your team of aspiring superheroes must work together to avert crises and keep Superb City safe!

But beware...with super powers come super corruptibility. Some on your team may just be biding their time before they reveal their true sinister selves. Be mindful of those closest to you who know all your deepest fears and weaknesses; they just might use those secrets against you…


  • Heroes: Avert Crises during the Missions Phase, and identify hidden Villains AND their Secret Weaknesses during the Endgame Phase.
  • Villains: Sabotage and prevent Heroes from averting Crises during the Missions Phase, and determine the identity of the Undercover Hero and reveal all the Heroes' Secret Weaknesses during the Endgame Phase.
  • The Rogue: Help the Heroes win the game but do WHATEVER IT TAKES to be the Hero with the most Popularity Points at the end.
More Information
Brand Neon Mu Games
Theme Card Game, Comic Book / Strip, Deduction, Party Game, Spies / Secret Agents
Expansion Base Game
Age Range 14+
# of Players 3 - 8
Game Mechanics Acting, Cooperative Play, Dice Rolling, Hidden Roles, Memory, Storytelling, Take That, Variable Player Powers, Voting
Playing Time 30 min - 60 min
EAN 672975582692
SKU NMU01000
Is on Sale No

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