Reward Points

We received a huge number of requests to offer some sort of rewards system for you to use on our site and we have listened to you.

We've worked extremely hard to provide a rewards system that we know you will love and which keeps on giving no matter when you shop with us! The best thing about this system is, you don't have to wait around for days or weeks to reap the rewards you earned, nor will we be increasing our prices either, so you know the final price you pay is now even less! Here at Total Cards as soon as your order is dispatched the points you earned are added to your account instantly!

There is no extra sign up process and anyone who has an account with us can start earning from today! It's very clear and easy to understand and we offer 10+ ways for you to earn extra points to move you up the tiers we offer. Starting at the occasional buyers, up to the regular spenders, we have all budgets covered with our 4 different levels. So from the moment you make a purchase and your order is dispatched, your points will be loaded into your account and you are able to spend them straight away and they NEVER expire!

£0 - £30

Within a 30-Day Period

1% Discount

Example Purchase

Redeem 3000 Points
Order Total - £30 = £0.30 Discount

£30.01 - £200

Within a 30-Day Period

1.5% Discount

Example Purchase

Redeem 13,300 Points
Order Total - £133 = £2.00 Discount

£200.01 - £500

Within a 30-Day Period

2% Discount

Example Purchase

Redeem 35,000 Points
Order Total - £350 = £7.00 Discount


Within a 30-Day Period

2.5% Discount

Example Purchase

Redeem 70,000 Points
Order Total - £700 = £17.50 Discount

Earning Points

Select Tier

Order Total


Points Earned


Discount Off Next Order


Spending Points

Select Tier

Points Spent

Discount at Checkout


Ways To Earn Points

We've listed just some of the many ways in which you can earn Total Cards Reward Points. Some of them offer more reward points than others and some can even be stacked daily, so make sure to check all the different ways to earn Rewards Points below. As this is a brand new system we will be introducing many more new methods to help you earn even more points in the near future. We also have some exciting plans to roll-out with this reward program giving not only discounts to each tier but also member benefits.


Register An Account

Before you even visit any product pages to start shopping, we have some points ready and waiting in your brand new account here at Total Cards. It's super easy to get signed up and includes some huge benefits, not to forget the ability to earn points when you have an account with us!

Once you create an account, 5000 points will automatically be added to your balance, for an additional additional 3000 points to use as an instant discount off your order don't forget to sign up to our newsletter when filling in the registration form.

Member benefits include, earning points, order tracking, address book, instant support tickets, upgraded delivery methods, exclusive access to ultra rare products, freebies with every order and so much more!

Below is how many Points can be earned when you register an account.

5,000 Points Equivalent to Spending £50


Shopping with us

The easiest way to earn points is to visit any product page and next to the price you will now see a points total of how many points you will earn if you purchase that item.

Every tier (Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum) earns points at the same rate, which makes it very clear to understand. Our Earning rate is currently set to £1 will reward you with 100 points. These 100 points will allow each tier to earn a higher discount at the checkout. Currently (1%, 1.5%, 2% and 2.5%) saving up points will allow you to increase in level, however your tier is only valid for 30 days from the date at which you earned them. After 30 days your tier will be reset to Bronze.

Any points you earn at the checkout from purchasing products will only be added to your account once your order is marked as dispatched. You can view your pending points from your dashboard under the pending tab. This page will show you which of your points belong to orders that are still currently processing.


Sign up to our awesome Newsletter!

You may not know but apart from our Social Media pages, we also have a very popular newsletter where we share some of the very best staff picked deals, exclusive news, discounts as well as all the latest products that are available for pre-order or that have just arrived in our warehouse.

It's also a great way to keep up to date with any products that we have re-stocked, so it's worth checking out so you don't miss out! So not only will you have access to all of this, but you will also be given Reward Points for signing up to the newsletter which will go towards your account to help you towards your future orders.

Below is how many Points can be earned when you sign-up to our newsletter.

3,000 Points Equivalent to Spending £30


Get your friends and family to shop with us!

Do you enjoy family game nights, or get togethers with your friends to play MTG, Pokemon or other TCG's..? Then both you and your friends and family can benefit from our Reward Points. All you have to do, when your friends or family want to make a purchase, just give them your unique link which can be found on your account information and get them to come to our site via that link. Once they have made a purchase, this will then register points on your account, so the more people you refer to us, the more points you can earn. Below is a break down of what you can expect to earn from referring friends and family.

Below is how many Points can be earned when you refer friends.

5,000 Points Equivalent to Spending £50


Purchasing Specially Selected Items

From time to time or on special occasions we will have some items which will be listed for purchasing on the site, but these will only be able to be purchased by using your Reward Points. These could be items that are out of print, hard to obtain or rare collectors items, so it is always worth keeping your Rewards Points topped up by using the features above to help ensure that you don't miss out on these items.

We currently run a Deal of the Day feature and from time to time, we will be listing some items that will feature in this at an even lower discount if purchased with your Reward Points.


Sending Points To Friends

Coming Soon.

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