We offer the very best affiliate program for any creative trading card enthusiast. Making a purchase on our store is 1 thing but to showcase it with the world via Social Media opens up many new opportunities for you to earn money back in the process. With potential to reach millions of other like-minded fans, we have the best system in place to reward you whenever a sale is made in our store because of your hard work!

The process is as extremely easy to get up and running within minutes, and doesn’t require you to make a purchase of anything before you get started. Simply CLICK HERE to create an account if you’re new in town, or if you already have an account simply login and follow the link on your account dashboard to the "Affiliate" section and fill in the registration form.

All accounts benefit from a customised discount code that can be used at the checkout to bag a saving for your followers and in return you will receive money back and much more. Please take a few minutes and read through the guides below to familiarise yourself with the new system and how it works, to get the best out of your program and ultimately help you level up faster.

Unlimited Commission

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Already have a normal account?

If you already have a normal account with us, then all you need to do is register using the link below. Alternatively look for the "Affiliate" link on your account dashboard.

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Don't have a Total Cards account?

All you need to do is quickly register an account with us, so we can move you onto the affiliate program. As soon as you are logged in look for the "Affiliate" link on your account dashboard.

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How To Register

If you need any help with signing up to our affiliate program then please take a look at our dedicated guide which walks you through all the required steps to getting started! If you have any questions regarding the affiliate program after you have submitted your application, check out some frequently asked questions below.


How It Works

We provide 4 different ways for you to earn sales via our website. Each one will help track your sales no matter how your referrals arrive on our store. All 4 methods are available on your affiliate dashboard from the moment your account is active. We also have a selection of high-resolution transparent images on our assets page which you can use when creating content to promote your discount code.

Discount Code

You will be able to set your own discount code that you can share online with your friends, fans and followers!

Website URL

You also have the choice to ue any of our pre-made banners which link to our site using your chosen username which will track sales when people click your link.

Website Banners

On your affiliate dashboard will be a section called "Banners" these are pre-made images with built in links that will direct anyone who clicks them to use your unique url.

Referral Widget

This widget will allow you to place a box on your own website that displays products of your choice in a very customisable design. Use this widget on any website you own and with any cicks our program will track and report sales generated from your website.


1% Paid Back To You With Every Order!

How much you get paid depends on how many sales you can generate via your discount code or unique url? Both of which if entered at the checkout or a link is clicked and a sale is generated from the customer you will receive commission from that sale back onto your account. Were currently offer commission at 1% of a sale.

£25 Sale = £0.25
£50 Sale = £0.50
£75 Sale = £0.75
£100 Sale = £1.00

2% Customer Discount

Not only will you receive 1% of all sales generated, via your unique discount code or url, but your customers who enter your discount code will also receive a 2% discount at the checkout, on top of our already amazing prices! If however they don't use the discount code but do complete a sale after only clicking your link, it will just be yourself who receives the commission and the customer will not receive any discount.


 Is there a limit to how much I can earn?

Luckily for you we don't cap how much you can earn with us, put simply we want your affiliate account to be successful and having no restrictions allows you to focus on building sales and driving customers to use your code.

 Apart from commission, what else can I receieve?

We're constantly monitoring our affiliate accounts and periodically we will send out additional freebies to those who are doing well as a thank you.

 How will I know how many sales I have generated?

Your sales statistics can be located on your affiliate dashboard.

 Maintaining a Relevant Channel.

If you are a Youtuber we don't mind if you upload other card games other than Pokemon, this is not a problem! We do advise that if you are to join the Affiliate Program that your channel has to appeal to similar demographics to the Pokemon TCG community and other related games. We don't decline accounts that aren't specifically targeted towards Trading Cards but we would have to see evidence that your followers had an interest for what we sell.

 Mentioning Total Cards in your videos.

We don't have any specific guidance on how you want to introduce or describe our amazing store. Anything you want to personally add is ok with us providing you get the core details of our store in the mention that's all we ask. We will routinely monitor videos and provide feedback if any changes are needed.

 Can I Combine Discount Codes?

Being able to combine certain codes isn't a problem but most codes that we issue ourselves and any affiliate codes can't be used together.

 Can I Downgrade My Account if I Change My Mind?

Yes you can, however once you downgrade your discount code and link will no longer be valid and will not work at the checkout after you are downgraded.

 Can I use the Total Cards Logo

You certainly can please visit - Assets Page

 Can Anybody Register For An Affiliate Account?

As mentioned above we don't have a specific requirement for those who want to be part of the affiliate program, all you would need is a social media profile that is used to engage with the public as an entity/brand/public figure/business.

 As an Affiliate, Can I Use My Own DIscount Code?

Unfortunately, no. When you create an account as an affiliate, you are unable to use your own discount code against any orders you place yourself.

 My Question Is Not Listed?

If we don't have the questions, answers or you simply want to provide us with any feedback, regarding our Affiliate Program. Please Email us.

 Advertising Other Companies Whilst Displaying Your Affiliate Link?

From time to time you may shop at a different website for your trading cards and although this is fine, we do advise that using our link to promote products that you haven't purchased with us is against our terms of the affiliate program. This is simply to avoid any confusion as our prices and overall standard of service, customer support and feedback are not matched by other companies and we offer the affiliate feature for customers who are purchasing products from us and encouraging others to visit the link to do the same.

 Are There Any Prerequisites?

Yes. We have to monitor accounts for inactivity as the affiliate program is for users who are active in referring customers to Total Cards in order to receive exclusive discounts. We also require you to have a valid target audience as referring customers from a Youtube channel that does not upload videos relating to anything we sell, would not normally be approved unless you have an alternative social media profile which has a relevant target audience. Any abuse or misuse of your affiliate account would result in a warning or deactivation of your account, and any funds becoming void in the process. If we receive any complaints of your code being misused in anyway we also reserve the right to take action and remove your account from the affiliate program.