Welcome to the Total Cards YouTube Affiliate Program

We offer the very best affiliate program for any creative trading card enthusiast. Making a purchase on our store is 1 thing but to showcase it with the world via Social Media opens up many new opportunities for you as a YouTuber. With potential to reach millions of other like-minded fans, we have the best system in place to reward you whenever a sale is made in our store because of your hard work!

The process is as extremely easy to get up and running within minutes, and doesn’t require you to make a purchase of anything before you get started. Simply use the links below to create an account if you’re new in town, or if you already have an account simply login or register then head over to our support desk and drop an email to one of our friendly support staff who will upgrade your account to our YouTube customer group who have exclusive benefits and unique discounts when shopping and referring friends.

All accounts benefit from a customised discount code that can be used at the checkout to bag a saving for your followers and in return you will receive discounts and exclusive free products to open on your channel. Please take a few minutes and read through the guides below to familiarise yourself with the new system and how it works, to get the best out of your program and ultimately help you level up faster.

Up to 6% Discount

When you refer anyone to our store they can use your very own custom discount code which will let all your subscribers get 2% off every purchase with unlimited uses! For best results we usually suggest the name of your channel.

Unlimited Videos

The more content you create on YouTube, the more exposure your discount code receives. So even if you upload daily you won't be restricted to a set number of videos that qualify for rewards, so feel free to be as creative as you want!

Custom Coupon

Having the cheapest prices online is our proudest accolade, and using your favourite followers very own discount code encourages more people to shop with us as they know your channel benefits directly from their purchase.

New to Total Cards? Create an account and then fill in the form below to request for your account to be upgraded.

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Levels are what we use to rank how effective your promoting is doing in the form of sales in the store. As followers enter your discount code on the site, we build up a running total for how much revenue your discount code has generated over the month and place you in the relevant level depending on the total of sales. This resets every month so be sure to keep your followers informed at the start of every month to make sure they use your code at the checkout to keep your sales above the threshold for that level. If at any point you drop below your current level at the end of the month you will automatically be downgraded or upgraded if you pass the sales threshold.

Just getting started on YouTube

All successful YouTubers had to start out at the beginning at some point and we know how difficult it can be at the very start to get your channel up and running and as our Level 1 promoter you will gain access to your very own personal discount code to share on your channel and social media to enable your followers to receive 2% off their purchases!

As you begin to create videos keep a close eye on the reports that we send you via email, to view your progress and track how many people have used you code. As you build up followers more people will use your coupon code and this is when your rewards will begin to flood in.

  • Custom Discount Code
  • 2% off at the Checkout for your followers
  • Free Booster Pack when you join (Subscriber Count Over 1K)
  • Free PokeCube when you join (Subscriber Count Over 5K)

Making Progress!

As your subscriber count begins to climb so will the number of codes been redeemed at the checkout and you will now have some dedicated followers who will frequently use your discount code, this is when we can help you out with some free products to create extra content on your channel.

At the end of the month if you have leveled up to this level or remained at level 2 you will automatically receive 4% off at the checkout with every purchase you make! As soon as you reach this level we will get in touch to order your very own customised playmat with your own channel logo/branding and any artwork you want to be displayed on your playmat along with the Total Cards logo. It's the very same high quality rubber playmats that are sold on the store. (Measuring 30cm x 60cm)

  • Custom Discount Code
  • 2% off at the Checkout for your followers
  • 4% off at the Checkout for you
  • 1 Free Personalised Playmat

Things start to get Serious!

At this stage a Level 3 affiliate is now able to purchase anything from the checkout and grab 6% off enabling you to continue to grow your subscribers by using your excellent discount level to buy anything from the store. This doesn’t expire so you can make use of this code all month long until your account is reviewed at the end of the month. At Level 3 you will now be able to offer 3% off with your custom discount code.

We’ll also ship out 10 Booster packs from the latest set for you to upload to your channel, helping you create extra content for your viewers, this will renew every month so if you remain at the same level at the end of the month we’ll resend 10 boosters out to you!

  • Custom Discount Code
  • 3% off at the Checkout for your followers
  • 6% off at the Checkout for you
  • 10 Booster Packs Every Month (Latest Set)
  • The Professional Vlogger

    By this time, you will have reaped the rewards that all previous levels had to offer and upgrading to Level 4 the fun doesn’t stop there. You will now be buying a substantial number of products from the store to open on your channel. Anyone using your link at this time will now be able to get 4% off their order and not only will you receive half a booster box every month to open but you will now be able to purchase anything on the site and get an impressive 10% off at the checkout if you were to purchase a booster box at £85.95 would now only cost you £77.36!

    This discount continues to grow for you and your followers so make sure to keep them coming back by using your code every month.

    • Custom Discount Code
    • 4% off at the Checkout for your followers
    • 10% off at the Checkout for you
    • 18 Booster Packs Every Month (Latest Set)

    Total Cards Partner!

    We leave the best till last, anyone who is a Level 5 will understand the importance of what it takes to truly operate a successful channel. This comes with the benefits of getting 20% off at the checkout whenever you shop with us, if you were to purchase a booster box at £85.95 you would now only pay £68.76! This will ensure that no matter how busy you are running your channel you can put your worries aside of having to shop around for cheap products for your channel, you can get spend more time on making videos.

    We also give all Level 5 affiliates a 5% off discount code which will simply upgrade in value as you move up the levels, so anyone who follows your channel and uses your code is getting the very best discount that we have to offer! Not only do we increase the discount values for both you and your followers, we also send out a sealed booster box every month for you to open on your channel. If you remain on a Level 5 at the end of the next month we will issue you with another booster box for the next period.

    • Custom Discount Code
    • 5% off at the Checkout for your followers
    • 20% off at the Checkout for you
    • 1 Booster Box Every Month (Latest Set)

    Other Ways To Earn!

    It’s not just YouTube that your code is limited to if you have a following on any Social Media outlet you can simply share the code anywhere online and if somebody uses it you will still be credited for the transaction!


    What Happens if I Jump More Than 1 Level In a Single Month?

    It won’t be uncommon for some YouTubers to already have a very large following and everyone who starts the program will be placed in the 1st Level Group. However, when we produce your monthly report you might smash the levels set out above and find yourself 2 or 3 levels higher. This is ok we understand this can sometimes happen, we might randomly check some of your videos to ensure no abuse of the program has occurred.

    What Will I Receive Every Month For Free?

    Simply check the levels above and we list in the bullet points what will be sent out to you at the end of the month, including the savings you and your followers will make at the level.

    How will I know how many sales I have generated?

    This feature will soon be implemented into your very own dashboard, but for now whilst we finish the coding. We will email you on the 15th and 27th of every month with your earnings report.

    How does the Free Playmat Work?

    When you reach level 2 we will be in touch with you to get the design put together via email, you can have anything you want on here. The aim is to use this playmat in your videos to help promote your discount as it will be visible in every video. The playmat itself is a professional high quality rubber playmat.

    Maintaining a Relevant Channel.

    We don't mind if you upload other card games other than Pokemon, this is not a problem! We do advise that if you are to join the YouTube Partner Program that your channel has to appeal to similar demographics to the Pokemon TCG community and other related games.

    Mentioning Total Cards in the Intro / Outro.

    We don't have any specific guidance on how you want to introduce or describe our amazing store. Anything you want to personally add is ok with us providing you get the core details of our store in the mention that's all we ask. We will routinely monitor videos and provide feedback if any changes are needed.

    Can I Combine Discount Codes?

    Unfortunately not, as we have some serious discounts available for Level 4 & 5 customers and combining these with current store discounts would not be possible :)

    Can I Downgrade My Account if I Change My Mind?

    Yes you can, however once you downgrade your discount code will no longer be valid and will not work at the checkout after you are downgraded.

    Can I use the Total Cards Logo

    You certainly can please visit - Assets Page

    Can Anybody Register For The YouTube Program?

    In most cases yes, we do have 1 stipulation and that is brand new accounts with no videos will need to upload at least 2 videos relating to TCG's and actively promoting Total Cards in the video before a membership is granted, Anybody with more than 2 videos it will simply be a check of your channel and verify that your videos would benefit our customers.

    My Question Is Not Listed?

    If we don't have the questions, answers or simply want to provide us with any feedback, regarding our YouTube Partner Program. Please Email us.


    To maintain an active and successful Partner Account we have some terms of service below which will prevent any misuse of the system and will help you understand what is expected when joining the program.

    We in no way accept abuse of the Partner Program, anyone found creating duplicate accounts to use their own discount code is not permitted. Anyone registered in the program is doing so with the intension of promoting their videos on YouTube and advertising Total Cards in the process. It’s not to be used for anything else all discounts and savings are tied to the promotions conducted on YouTube. Anyone signing up with a brand-new YouTube account will need to create at least 2 videos actively promoting Total Cards before membership is approved as we need to see that your channel is authentic and that you have full intentions of running a YouTube channel.

    We reserve the right to remove any membership at any point if we deem any actions to be fraudulent. We also reserve the right to make adjustments to the discount levels as membership numbers increase and the program matures.