Total Cards Wholesale

If you run a tournament, own an ebay shop or manage your own hobby store, we offer trade accounts for your growing business needs. We have an extensive catalogue of 10,000+ products from all popular Trading Card Games, Accessories and Toy manufacturers.

Our primary service is focused on Pokemon distribution as this is our core business. Other stores may offer Pokemon wholesale accounts but nothing can match our range and dedication for the game as we are gamers and collectors with at least 16+ years experience with Pokemon cards!

To get started we've highlighted some key and important features to help trading with us a breeze. Please do take a look through all sections below to get a good understanding of how we work.

To get started, we need to understand your business requirements and assign you to the relevant tier pricing. To get in touch simply fill in your details here and provide us with as much information about your previous purchases and stock requirements, including your VAT number if applicable.

Order Deadlines

When we upload a product you will see a box called "Wholesale Deadline" this contains a countdown date to when our buyers need to know what quantities are needed for the release date.

By placing your order before this date gives you freedom to order as much stock as you need before the cut-off period, once this date has passed you will only be able to order what we have remaining for both wholesale and general customers.

We can however take requests for additional quantities, even if said product is sold out. We can ask our buyer to secure any extra stock and if successful we can offer it on a first come first served basis. So securing your request closer to the cut-off period will place you higher in the queue to take any extra stock we receive.

Free overnight shipping on orders over £100

This is only available in the UK right now. When shopping with us as a wholesale customer you get access to our express overnight delivery service on all purchases over £100. You will be given a tracking number which you can use to follow your order as it travels through the delivery network.

No minimum spend!

Orders under £100 will however incur a small delivery fee which is what we charge for retail customers.

We understand that not all wholesale customers wish to spend over £100 everytime as you may just want a top-up or 1 specific item. We still allow you to shop with us and under these circumstances you can still use the regular customer options for shipping your order.

Discount on all sealed products

We are more than happy to provide a custom quote on anything we sell, as we know not every customers buying needs are the same. So feel free to drop us an email or call us to request specific quotes on stock you wish to purchase.

Same day dispatch for all orders before 3:00pm

We know how important it is to keep stocked up and when you're running a business or hosting an event we know how important it is to keep stock levels at a high which is why we can get your items to you the very next day providing they are in-stock and not a pre-order item.

24/7 Customer Support

As always we've got you covered day and night via email, so don't worry about what time it is we'll get your issues resolved asap!

Keeping an active account

We do have 1 request when opening a trade account and that's to maintain an active relationship.

We receive requests on a daily basis for access to trade accounts and as availability is limited we have to ensure that the accounts we hold are active.

We're don't offer open registration for this reason which is why we work very closely with our current wholesale accounts, and to maintain the high level of service we have to periodically review accounts.

If we notice that you have no previous purchases in the last 30 days or placed and pre-orders we will downgrade your account to a standard customer.