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Helping you understand our stock levels

With the thousands of items available at Total Cards we have a handy system in place to help you understand, what each notification means.


A preorder product has not yet been released. By pre-ordering, you are reserving your quantity, for release day as stock is still not with our suppliers. We have a complete guide to pre-ordering on our help desk.

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In Stock

When an item is in-stock this means that we have physical stock of this item, and will usually arrive with you the next day. Click below to view more information on in stock products on our help desk.

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Low Stock

When a product is below 10 we will then show a Low Stock notice.

Out of Stock

We sometimes sell-out of certain items, and we're always looking to re-stock them. Usually within 3-5 days. Click the link "Email me when this product is back in stock" on any product that is sold-out, and we will let you know when that item is back in-stock. We have an extensive range of answers relating to re-stocks on our helpdesk.

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After a product has been released we only re-stock certain products and occasionally we receive requests to re-stock a previously released item. With this option we're able to source this from our suppliers and get it shipped to us with our next delivery. This can vary every week so we advise an estimated 5-10 days for this item to arrive with us, before we can dispatch this item to you.


If the product release date has passed the box will be orange and will read delayed, this is a common sign that the product is expected from the suppliers at any moment as the global release date set by Pokemon has past, but this can vary slightly here in Europe by 1-2 weeks normally, as most dates are advertised for the US market and not here in Europe. If this is the case all we can advise is that you keep checking back for real-time updates. All the information we know about the estimated arrival is displayed on the product page and we keep this updated so everyone can see what the latest status. When we're sent any news on a specific product we will update the item page with any relevant notes or additional news that we have from the official Pokemon supplier. If we know of a significant delay more than 3-4 weeks we will inform you via email to the address provided at the checkout.

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