Our Price Match Guarantee!

Have you seen something on another website that's cheaper?

We pride ourselves on ensuring you get the very best value for money when purchasing your favourite TCG and we will always go above an beyond to ensure that you get the most competitive price possible. We understand that you want to take advantage of our free shipping, attention to detail when packing your order, great customer service, free extras at the checkout and incredibly low prices, however, sometimes products can be listed cheaper on other websites preventing you from getting the very best when purchasing online. This can happen from time to time as we have thousands of products in stock and keeping a close eye on all the prices with all our competitors is simply not possible.

We always check our prices before listing a product and carry out regular price checks to ensure we are always offering the best value, but we cant check every product and sometimes prices can be listed cheaper than what we offer it for. This is where you come into this! If there is something you're interested in purchasing from us, but can see it listed elsewhere cheaper, please send us an email and our wizards will be able to work their magic.

  • For us to price match a product, we need you to include a link to the product you would like us to price match and providing it meets our following requirements, we can then offer you the product at a lower price or better.
  • We can only offer a price match on the advertised price from the website in question and it can't be part of an active sale or work out cheaper with the use of any promotional codes.
  • We calculate our price match on the base price of a product.
  • Delivery costs are also taken into consideration as some sites do not offer free shipping, which we do. In most cases the free shipping we offer is always better value as the excluded delivery costs of other sites usually cost more at the end.
  • The product must also be in-stock on the website in question.
  • We would also advise looking into any current promotions we have available on our discount code page. Applying these will make the product potentially even cheaper than the competitors website and in some cases, wont need to be price matched.
  • The retailer in question must be known as a reputable retailer, so would need to have over 100 positive reviews on a dedicated review site such as Trustpilot.
  • We cannot price match Amazon
  • All price matches are subject to approval and If we cannot match this we will let you know

We can only consider a price match before a product is purchased. Any requests after you have completed the checkout process do not qualify.

If a price match is approved via email, we will apply the difference to your store credit on your account, once you have completed the purchase.
When you are ready to submit a claim, please visit our contact page and fill in a request.

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