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Heart of Crown Fairy Garden

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Heart of crown is a deck building card game where players nominate and support a princess in a race to take the throne! Players use tax revenue from their starting hand farming villages to purchase resources and support from the market (card pool). By gaining territory, influence and even bribes throughout the game players collect succession points necessary to win the throne for their princess. The first player to obtain 22 succession points wins the game!

Your favourite anime princesses have returned in this new stand-alone expansion, Heart of Crown: Fairy Garden. Fairy Garden is the first set of this new block for the Heart of Crown Series. It introduces 30 new card types into the market, beautiful new artwork, and impish new abilities from the fairy realm. You can play Fairy Garden by itself or combine it with any of your other favourite Heart of Crown sets, including the Heart of Crown base game!

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Release Date 24 May 2019
Brand Heart of Crown
# of Players 2 - 4
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