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Product Grading

We sometimes receive products from our suppliers in a condition that doesn't quite meet our high standards. On rare occasions products can take a little damage when in transit to our warehouse and with this stock we sometimes have to mark it down in price depending on the damage and grade we give it. We list things from Grade A to D and each one is explained below with examples to help give you an idea of what condition something will be in when buying a lower grade product.

Condition Grade A

This product grade is classed as mint and in perfect condition with no imperfections at all to the product or its contents and these products are ideal for any collection or as a gift. All our products are sold in this condition, unless other wise stated.

Condition Grade B

As mentioned, while products are in transit to our warehouse, stock can sometimes take a couple of bumps or knocks along the way. Products graded B may have a few imperfections to the outer box/packaging but the contents inside are still in good condition and unaffected by the scuffs to the packaging.

All products graded B have no impact to the contents inside and generally these items are still borderline A but for collectors this would not pass as mint due to any cosmetic marks, as a result they become grade B.

Condition Grade C

If you are purchasing a grade C product this normally has some noticeable wear to the outer packaging. For example a corner of a box will have distinctive ware or a rip / tear to the outer packaging, although the contents inside are still in mint condition, this item will usually be reduced in price due to the cosmetic damage occurred when in transit from our suppliers.

Condition Grade D

We don't like to see products in this state, however Grade D products have taken some form of cosmetic damage during transit and have visible box damage but when the contents of an item are still mint and of satisfactory / acceptable quality, we will offer significant discount as a result of the damage. If a products contents have been affected in any way we will not sell the product so, please be assured that any of the grades including D are all relating the cosmetics of a product and not the contents.