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Digimon Card Game - Digital Hazard (EX-02) - Shu-Chong Wong (Uncommon) - EX2-059

This card is in mint condition and will be sent to you in a protective sleeve.

Shu-Chong Wong is a Uncommon, Tamer, from the set Digital Hazard EX-02.

[On Play] You may play 1 [Lopmon] from your hand without paying its memory cost.[Start of Your Turn] If you have 3 or fewer security cards, <Draw 1>. (Draw 1 card from your deck.)

[Security] Play this card without paying its memory cost.

More Information
Brand Digimon
Digimon Rarity Uncommon
Digimon Play Cost 3
Digimon Card Type Tamer
Digimon Colour Yellow
Is on Sale No

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