Yu-Gi-Oh! Freezing Chains Structure Deck Available for Pre-order

Ice Barrier is making a return!! We can't wait to see how this will shake up the competition!

Since its introduction back in Hidden Arsenal, Ice Barrier has Frozen our opponents solid time and time again. while we prepare to finish them off with our buffed up synchro monsters. As you're all aware Ice Barrier monsters work best as a team to not only limit your opponent's actions, but also weaken their monsters, prevent them from Tribute Summoning, delay the activation of Spell Cards, prevent attacks, and much more.

Fans of the Ice Barrier strategy will be ecstatic to learn that perhaps one of the most famous monsters has an even more destructive and powerful form! Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier, not only does this card banish up to 3 cards your opponent controls, but it will also allow you to summon the original Trishula if your opponent destroys it! This new monster is clearly going to be an incredibly strong addition to any extra deck and can be incorporated into any Ice Barrier Strategy.

Each Structure Deck contains:

  • 6 Ultra Rare Cards
  • 3 Super Rare Cards
  • 7 Common Cards
  • 1 Double-sided Deluxe Game Mat/Dueling Guide

You can reserve your deck today by following the product link below and make sure you get it for release!