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New Weiss Schwarz Pre-Orders Added!

New Weiss Schwarz Pre-Orders Added!
Wed 19th July

We've got the biggest price cut ever seen at Total Cards on all Weiss Schwarz products upcoming and currently in due in stock. This is not temporary all boosters and decks will be at this all new price of £61.95 for booster boxes and £3.2 for boosters with huge discounts when buying more than one piece.

Not only this but anyone new to our newsletter can grab an extra 5% off any in-stock Weiss Schwarz products by filling in the newsletter form on the Weiss Schwarz home page and you will be emailed a unique discount code to use on any in stock products.

Check out the latest pre-orders below.

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[product id="12251"]
[product id="12249"]
[product id="12248"]
[product id="12247"]
[product id="12246"]
[product id="12245"]
[product id="11826"]
[product id="11825"]
[product id="11824"]