Six Reasons to pick up a copy of Rainbow Six - Extraction!

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction is a multiplayer cooperative tactical first-person shooter from the massive popular Rainbow Six franchise! In the game you work to assemble an elite team of operators to launch incursions into the unpredictable containment zones and discover the mysteries behind the lethal and constantly evolving Archæns alien threat. We just can't wait for the game to drop later this month and we think you shouldn't delay and get your pre-order in now! Here are six reasons we hope will hype you for Rainbow Six - Extraction!

1) Buddy Pass A multiplayer experience is made all the better if you can share it with your friends!! With every purchase of Extraction, you will get you get an exclusive Buddy pass so a friend can play for free for 14 days! This lets you experience the game with your friend!

2) Exclusive Additional Content Grab some exclusive additional content, which differs between the game editions! The deluxe edition nets you The Noxious Touch Pack, The Obscura Pack and The React Strike Pack!

3) Fan-favourites return! The game features iconic and beloved siege operators such as Ela, Sledge and Jager, returning from previous games!

4) Challenges Galore If the co-op gameplay isn't enough for you, the extensive trophy list will give you and your friends many a challenge to take on!

5) Classic Rainbow Six Mechanics Extraction still uses the classic environmental destruction tech used in Rainbow 6 Siege, so you can use those peek holes to your advantage!

6) Unique Mission Types New to the series, are unique missions if players go down, such MIA Extraction mode!

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