Pokemon Shining Fates Update


So we just want to update everyone on the current situation on our Shining Fates delvieries as the official release date is tomorrow. As we previously mentioned in this blog, we having Shining Fates stock coming from Multiple suppliers. Our first and most heavily allocated delivery arrived today and the team are working hard to make sure we get all the product we have in stock shipped today. We still have several deliveries due to arrive with us however these are deliveries from European distributors meaning they are experiencing delays due to the current situation. As we previously mentioned in the blog post everyones orders are safe and wont be cancelled or anything like that, but not all of our stock is arriving for the release date. We expect our extra deliveries to arrive with distributors on the last week of February. Then Distributors have to get this stock to us and because they are coming from Europe, we can expect these between the last week of February to maybe the first week of March or Second Week at the latest.

There is a lot of confusion around people & stores talking about the waves of stock they expect to receive and we believe we should clarify on what this actual means. To simplify the situation, distributors are releasing stock in waves as they haven't got enough to go around for the initial restock. In a month or so distributors will get a restock of all the Shining Fates products and then they will start fulfilling backorders to stores who got allocated. Some people/stores have been unable to fulfil everyones orders and will be waiting for the extra waves/restocks to fulfil everyones orders. We do not have to do this. All of our orders will be fulfilled once we receive the deliveries. It isn't a supply issue it is just a delivery issue with Europe. Once we have our delivery we will be fulfilling all orders and then we will be able to put even more back in stock as we have plenty. Then once distributors get their restocks etc we will have even more stock to go around.

As some of you maye be aware. We have a YouTube channel where open different TCGs. On most Pokemon releases we would do a massive unboxing of the latest Pokemon products. We will not be openning our usual amount of Shining Fates and will not be offering as wide a variety of Single Cards like we normally would. We will wait to do this until we get our last delivery of Shining Fates so we can get product to as many people as possible for release. We should still be doing a YouTube video for these products however it will be 1-2 of each product rather than the usual 100 Elite Trainer Boxes or something ridiculous like that. This also means there will be a very small amount of Single Cards available on the website for the time being.

Hopefully this update helps clarify the current situation we have with Shining Fates and we cannot wait to get Shining Fates to everyone :)


With the official release of Shining Fates steadily approaching it's time we updated everyone on exactly what is happening with Shining Fates. Due to the current situation with EU deliveries we are experiencing delays across all of our suppliers. We expect our Shining Fates products to arrive by the end of February.

Due to us ordering from multiple suppliers to get as much Shining Fates product as possible, some deliveries will arrive before others. This means some customers orders will be dispatched before others. This will be done in order of who placed their order first. We expect to have everyones order dispatched before 

We hate delays as much as everyone else however these delays are unavoidable and are affecting all retailers. But we don't want to do an update without some good news! We are happy to announce that all customers who pre-ordered Shining Fates products have their order secured! There will be no cancellations, and no refunds. We will be putting more Shining Fates products back in stock closer to the release date.

In the next week or so we are looking at some major improvements to the site to ensure we have no crashes or issues when we put the next wave of Shining Fates products in stock. We want to ensure as many people can get ahold of these products as possible.

We would like to thank everyone for their patience during these unprecedented times. We will do our best to keep everyone up to date and in the loop with the ongoing situation :)