New Pokemon Sword & Shield 4 Products Confirmed! A New Ultra Premium Collection & The Elite Trainer Box PLUS!!!

Just a week after Sword & Shield Champion's Path has been revealed we can now reveal all of the products coming with Sword & Shield 4 releasing on November 13th!! It's been one hell of a week in the Pokemon TCG world! 

Unfortunately we've not got the name of the set confirmed just yet but as soon as we have it we will post right here and let you all know!! Now, let's get into it, we've got some brand new products for this set and the usual products you would expect to see!

The normal products you see with any main set release are here, including booster boxes, booster packs, elite trainer box, 3-pack blister, checklane blister, sleeved booster and the mini portfolio are all back with this set. We also have another version of the premium checklane blister which will most likely see another evolution line as featured cards!

Next up we have the two brand new products! The Elite Trainer Box Plus is coming! We have no information about what exactly will be included with this just yet, but considering how awesome a normal Elite Trainer Box is, surely this most be even more awesome... Plus! 

The second new product is the Sword & Shield 4 - Ultra Premium Collection! We expected this product to be similar to the Hidden Fates - Ultra Premium Collection however it is confirmed that it will be with the next main set! We can even reveal what will be inside this product too! It will contain a whopping 16 booster packs (Sixteen!!), 2 promo cards, 2 sets of dice, 2 coins, 2 sets of sleeves, 1 players guide, 1 rule guide, 1 set of condition markers and the usual TCGO code card! The contents alone make it seem similar to the contents of two Elite Trainer Boxes with additional promos but we'll have to wait and see what awesome product we get this time! 

You can pre-order your products right here with us, every one of the products mentioned above are available to pre-order, don't miss out on what this next set has to offer!!