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New - POKEBundle Now in stock!

New - POKEBundle Now in stock!
Sat 28th October

Today we launched the POKEbundle it's a collection of 12 different booster packs from you guessed it.. 12 different sets. The pack kicks off from Primal Clash and spans the entire XY and Sun & Moon sets all the way up to Crimson Invasion. All packs are selected at random so we can't guarantee specific artwork when ordering, the bundles will ship next week to arrive on the release day of Crimson Invasion.

The bundle costs £29.95 which is the same as buying any 12 boosters packs from 1 specific set on the site, we didnt have a combined option as some customers wanted to buy different packs from different sets but still benefit from the excellent discounts we have when buying multiples.

You can buy your bundle below and remember these are an excellent price for 12 packs costing only £2.50 per pack with the choice of free shipping.

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