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Total Cards Would Like to Welcome Victoria to the Team!

Fri 3rd November

Here at Total Cards we have some new additions coming your way, one of which is a brand new team member. We mentioned a few weeks ago that we would be taking on a new staff member to help meet the growing demand of our store. So without further ad-do we are happy to welcome Victoria to Total Cards!

I hope you all join us in welcoming her to the team as she will also be dealing with any of your queries through support and social media.

Victoria has been working with us for the last couple of weeks to help get herself familiarised with the office and to get to grips with the running of things. We can say we well and truly threw her into the deep end as she was helping out with the release of Shining Legends and Crimson Invasion. Both very exceptionally busy times to be working in the office.

Our second shiny new addition is the site upgrade which we have been working on in the background over the last 2 months. The site is nearing completion and will be ready to go live late next week.

The site will relatively stay the same, apart from a few tweaks to the layout and it will perform much faster when navigating around, which is always a plus. With the upgrade, we will also be able to create more great additions for you guys, which we will outline in another post as there is quite a bit to go over. Initially we underestimated the scale of the upgrade we were undertaking as we didn't want to cut any corners, and we made sure every little detail was covered.

And for the Youtubers working with us, a new interface will be going live shortly after the new site upgrade. Dont worry, we have been tracking all your earnings and these will be added to your accounts once the system is in place.