5 awesome 40k armies for beginners!

Warhammer is an absolutely massive tabletop hobby and it can sometimes be quite difficult to know where to start! Picking your first army is not easy as there are a ton of choices that can lead to analysis paralysis. We have laid out our top 5 picks for a beginner army down below!

Space Marines A great choice for any beginner is the Space Marines! They are easy to play, offer a ton of customisation (so you can make your army unique) and have a massive amount of choice and support! The Space Marines are an elite fighting force in the future of 40k and serve as the warriors of the Emperor of Mankind! They are clad in durable power armour and wield a number of terrible weapons including the iconic bolter. Although the most iconic Space Marines are the Ultramarines, numerous chapters can be used!

Aeldari The Aeldari (or Eldar) are a race of extra-terrestrial elf-like aliens. So if you enjoy elves in fantasy, then it may be worth checking out Aeldari. You should play Aelderi if you want lots of specialised units that can move around the battlefield quickly, not matter what you're facing, they probably have an answer for it. The main downside of this faction, is that the point costs tend to be quite high.

Adeptus Mechanicus Although closely allied with the Imperium, Adeptus Mechanicus is it's own faction that excels in technology! The main strength of this army is their superior firepower and large range of specialised units. This is also its biggest drawback as it can sometimes be difficult to keep track of all of your abilities!

Necrons The Necrons are a race of emotionless robotic warriors! The models look great and ca be easy to paint than other factions, whilst also being super tough and hard to kill on the battlefield! Their main drawback is that they lack access to better ranged options that other factions enjoy!

Orks The Orks are violent, but incredibly fun, aliens that resemble the monstrous fantasy race popularised by Lord of the Rings. Orks can be a great point to start with as they can be easy to play, units tend to cost less in points so you can just throw a ton out onto the field. The downside is that can lead to spending a lot of real life money to construct a good-sized army!

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