Magic the Gathering: Commander Legends is Out Now

The long-awaited Commander Legends set drops today! We are so excited to see Commander finally get an official draft format, this set adds 165 new cards, including 71 legendary creatures and planeswalkers, along with 196 returning cards.

In order to play the draft format, 3 booster packs will be used per player. For every pick, players take two cards at a time. This is done for coherency of the decks and for speed. After the draft, players build a 60-card deck, this is unusual since in Commander players usually build a 100 card deck. All other Commander rules apply with one exception. You can play more than one copy of a card if you draft it. We are so excited to see all the incredible decks that can be built using this stratergy.

What is included in a Commander Legends Booster Pack?

  • 1x Non-legendary Rare or Mythic
  • 1 x Foil Card
  • 2 x Legendary creatures
  • 11 x Commons and Uncommons

To top it all off, Commander Legends is introducing "foil-etched" cards, these new cards feature a brand-new foiling process that looks different from previous foils and have a special card frame. 32 popular legendary creatures are being reprinted using this new method. Foil-etched cards appear in both Draft and Collector Boosters.

If you enjoy playing the commander format, then this set will be perfect for you! We can't wait to see which commanders people are going to be using for their decks! You can check out our highlighted products on Commander Legends below, alternatively, click on the banner to check out our entire range for Commander Legends.