Grab awesome cards with collector boosters from Theros Beyond Death!

Theros Beyond Death is a awesome set for Magic that focuses upon gods, monsters and epic heroes! Introducing the Escape mechanic and featuring the Constellation and Devotion keywords, the set focuses on the underworld of Theros rather than the plane itself. The expansion includes a ton of awesome cards that can feasibly find their way into many decks and give it a boost! One of the best ways to experience a Magic set is with Collector Boosters which, unlike Draft Boosters, are maximized for more diversity in content, with more rares, foils, extended art, borderless planeswalkers and showcase cards. Collector boosters contain 15 cards and can be purchased individually or in boxes containing 12 booster packs.

Theros Beyond Death features 254 cards:

  • 5 basic lands
  • 101 commons
  • 80 uncommons
  • 53 rares
  • 15 mythic rares

Each booster pack is filled with awesome cards:

  • 15 cards and 1 token
  • 1 rare/mythic extended art card
  • 1 foil rare/mythic card
  • 9 foil common/uncommons
  • 3 showcase frame cards
  • 1 ancillary card
  • 1 foil token

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