Get started in Magic the Gathering with Boosters!

Booster Packs are a core part of any TCG and they are perhaps one of the most loved and controversial parts of the hobby. On one hand, the randomness of booster packs adds an extra level of fun and excitement to opening products. On the other hand, this level of randomness can lead to unsatisfying openings and having to buy more and more packs to get the few cards you're after. The advent of Living Card Games sought to eliminate these negatives with their rejection of traditional booster packs but it still remained a problem for many TCG players and collectors, with many in the hobby turning to buying single cards instead of packs.

Magic the Gathering and Wizards of the Coast sought to revolutionise the way that booster packs are utilised with their introduction of new types of packs. They split the traditional booster packs into new different versions, starting primarily in Throne of Eldraine!

Theme Booster The first to be introduced was the Theme Booster in Guilds of Ravnica. These boosters contain 35 cards, all based around a particular theme or colour! If you're a deckbuilding looking to run certain archetypes, then these are the best boosters for you!

Draft Booster The Draft Booster is the closest to the traditional pack and was first released as part of Throne of Eldraine! The pack is specifically designed for drafting, so includes a ton of synergies for the set and a load of commons and uncommons that would be needed in a draft setting. If players are interested in Drafting exclusively, then these are the perfect choice for them. If not, then there are other packs to satisfy any type of player or collector.

Collector Booster Also introduced in Throne of Eldraine, these packs are the premium products of any modern Magic expansion. They contain loads of Rares, Mythics, Full Arts, Borderless Cards and Foils! If you're a collector, then these are perfect for you. Be warned as these premium products carry a substantial price tag, but they're well worth it!

Set Booster A happy medium between Draft Boosters and Collector Boosters, the Set Booster made its debut in Zendikar Rising! The boosters feature exclusive art cards and remove a lot of the "draft chaff" found in draft boosters. However, they still don't have the same number of rares and showcase cards as Collector Boosters. If you're looking to grab some cards for Standard or Modern, then you'll be very happy with Set Boosters!

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