Lorcana pre-orders coming 25th May!

We are very excited to reveal that we will be going live with the first wave of Lorcana pre-orders on 25/05/2023!! So get ready!!

It's been a long time coming and we know just how excited all of our customers are for the release of Lorcana! Pre-orders will be released in waves to ensure that everyone has ample time to get ready for pre-orders. The first wave will come on the 25th, and following waves will be announced days before they go live.

We are aware how popular a base set can be, so each product will be limited to 1 per customer. This is to ensure that everyone has a chance to get some product. If you miss out on the first wave, then don't worry as more waves will be coming before the release date in August.

One customer per wave will also be randomly selected to win an awesome official Lorcana pin badge! We predict that these badges will be very collectable, so don't miss out on your chance to win! Check them out in the media gallery below!

The Disney inspired TCG will drop in hobby stores on 18th August this year and has a ton of epic products slated to launch this all-new game!

The following products will be available on release:

  • Boosters Each booster pack will contain 12 cards and will also be available in Booster Boxes. The pack art showcases Mickey, Elsa and Maleficent. Each pack contains:
    • 1 Foil Card
    • 2 Rare, Super Rare, or Legendary Cards
    • 10 Common or Uncommon Cards
  • Sleeved Boosters Sleeved booster contain the same number of cards as regular booster but come in a protective carboard sleeve
  • Starter Decks 3 starter decks each take two Ink Colours and combine them into a cohesive deck
    • Amber & Amethyst Featuring Mickey Mouse and Moana
    • Emerald & Ruby Featuring Cruella and Aladdin
    • Steel & Sapphire Featuring Cinderella and Simba
  • Illumineer’s Trove A collector set similar to Bundles from MTG and Elite Trainer Boxes from Pokemon TCG. It contains:
    • 8 booster packs
    • 2 deck boxes
    • a player’s guide
    • a themed storage box
  • Gift Set The gift set contains:
    • 4 Boosters
    • 2 Tracker Tokens
    • 2 Playable Foil Cards: Mulan & Hades
    • 2 oversized foil cards

Check out the related products section down below to browse these awesome products! Pre-orders aren't live yet, but makes sure to sign up for email notifications for when they are available on the 25th!