Yu-Gi-Oh Brothers of Legend Win-A-Box - 8/1/22

Last Saturday, we hosted our First Yu-Gi-Oh Weekend event since returning after the new year break, and it was a blast!

To mark an explosive return, we put a full booster box of Brothers Of Legend up for grabs for the winner! This meant everyone was on top of their game for the event.

With 10 entrants, that meant a total of 4 intense rounds duelists had to battle through in order to make it to the top - with the amount of players, this meant people with a loss could still win if the top placer going into round 4 lost their game!

After winning all 3 of their initial rounds, Calum was on track to win it all, but could lose that top spot if they dropped round 4. Luckily, Calum broke through, going 4-0 and not dropping a game, securing the box!

It was so brilliant seeing everyone back down playing, and we're so glad to be back, so make sure you keep an eye on all of our big events we're running this month for our return! Events like our next one, where the winner gets a Tin Of Ancient Battles! Will you win and pull the Crossout Designator?