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Future Card Buddyfight - Darkness Fable!

Future Card Buddyfight - Darkness Fable!
Fri 4th July

As if Drums adventures release today wasn't big enough news we have more... Enter the world of mystery and mythology with Future Card Buddyfight Vol.4 [Darkness Fable]! Introducing 2 new worlds: The mighty <> and the elusive <>! Acquire the strength of new and exciting card abilities from both worlds or choose to reinforce your <> deck with powerful new cards!! Will you choose to walk down the path of light or embrace the world darkness?

  • 1 pack contains 5 random cards/ 1 display contains 30 packs
  • 105 types of cards (BR:1/ RRR: 8/ RR: 12/ R: 24/ UC: 30/ C: 30) inclusive of SP: 12 (Parallel)
  • 1 card in every pack will definitely be an R or above card!!
  • This product contains cards of <> , <> and <>
  • Each carton will include 4 premium rubber playmats!
  • 2 Flag cards of <> and <> will be included in each display
  • 1 Life Counter (2 designs) will be randomly inserted into each display as additional box topper supplements!
  • Common, Uncommon and Rare card parallel foils will also be inserted in random packs in addition to the normal rares!

Boosters will be shipping October 10th 2014!

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