Vermilion Bloodline Singles Are Now in Stock!

The latest set of the Dragon Ball Super card game released on Friday and it has received nothing but positive feedback, and we are excited that our singles are now available to purchase on our website.

This set has a heavy focus on characters in their super saiyan 4 transformations, however not only that fans are excited to see some new faces joining from the Dark Empire Saga such as SS4 Son Goku: Xeno, SS4 Bardock, and SS4 Son Gohan. We are pleased to say this is only one theme of this set, the second theme has a much more sinister undertone. This theme revolves around powerful enemies who are able to take over the mind and sometimes even the bodies of their prey.

These brand new mechanics which fall under the names "Overlord" and "Servant" a brilliant example of this would be the Vegeta and Babidi card, using these mechanics players are able to pull off some fantastic combinations, such as cycling cards and changing card battle positions.

With all these new features being added to the game it is clear to see why this game is just gaining and gaining in popularity. Which cards will you be looking to add to your collection? Perhaps Dark Broly, Overwhelming Evil will be the card you need to give your deck that edge. Browse our entire list of singles by following the link below.