Dragon Ball Super B14 & BE15 is Out Now

Calling all Dragon Ball fans, the latest expansion for the Dragon Ball Super card game is out today! We can't wait to see how these exclusive cards are going to change the competition.

Each expansion includes:

  • 3x Booster packs
  • 10x New promotional cards (5 types, 2 copies of each)
  • 1x Official Dice

BE14 includes some absolutely incredible cards, first up is Ultimate Shenron, Dimensional Wishmaster, this card is unable to attack, however, it's ability to cycle red cards in your deck to make your game even stronger. Let's not forget about Son Goten & Trunks, Super Saiyan Tag Team, who are featured on the box art, This duo is an absolute powerhouse, not only can it deal 15,000 damage, it has the ability to turn your opponent's cards into rest mode!

As for BE15, fans of the video games will be pleased to learn Mira, Dimensional Superpower from Xenoverse 2 is making an appearance, as well as being able to deal 15,000 damage, it has the potential to buff itself by sending cards into your warp. Of course, the box art has taken heavy influence from Vegeta, Protector of the Earth. Vegeta will deal a whopping 20,000 damage, combine this with a blue leader card allowing you to also play a SS4 Son Goku, Protector of Earth for free!

These cards are guaranteed to be a hit and we can't wait to include them in our decks. If you are interested in these expansion packs, you can check them out below, alternatively, you can check out our entire range of Dragon Ball Super by following the banner below.