Order Deadlines

To greatly increase the chances of fulfilling your required quantity of any pre-order, especially in situations when a product is only available in limited quantities. We have to work on a first-come, first-served basis and ordering before the deadline date is the best advice we can offer to ensure you're not left disappointed closer to the release date if we are unable to re-stock the pre-order before the release. The posts below list our daily deadlines and help us estimate the required amount to order as each product quantity has to be submitted to our supplier each day.  To avoid allocation in the event that the product is printed in a much lower amount that ordered, we use the order deadline date and any orders after this period are not 100% guaranteed. .

  1. Order Deadlines – 28th February

    Order Deadlines – 28th February

    To ensure your quantity can be reserved and to avoid allocation in the event that the product is sold-out we have today's order deadlines.

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