Your Wacky Product of the Day! The Ultra Pro Satin Tower Boombox

The product you've always wanted but never know you've needed. It's time to spice up your next gaming session with some seriously questionable music taste. 

Down below you can find the full product description and also the product page to pre-order this product.

Ultra PRO's Satin Tower - BOOMBOX

The BOOMBOX is a fun multi-use card playing companion. With a Bluetooth speaker and phone charger encased in Ultra PRO's Premium Satin Tower deck box, you can play music, receive calls, store cards safely, and entertain friends while playing tabletop games.

Like the regular version of our the Satin Tower, this deckbox is designed to hold 100+ standard-sized trading cards in Ultra PRO Deck Protector sleeves.

Comes with:

  • (1) micro USB cable (1) AUX Cable (1) Easy to read instructions
  • Easily connect to any Bluetooth device
  • Speakerphone capabilities for hands-free calling
  • Designed to protect and hold up to 100+ Standard sized trading cards (such as Magic or Pokemon) in Ultra PRO Deck Protector sleeves
  • Comes with: (1) Micro USB cable, (1) AUX Cable, (1) Easy to read and use instructions
  • Please observe all tournament rules, and be courteous of other players when bumping your tunes