Pay the Price you want with Auctions!

We're super happy to introduce the latest promotion here at Total Cards! Some of our most sought after items will be available for auction, including some products that can't be purchased regularly, so this is one of a few chances to grab them! These auctions give you the chance to pay the price that you want to. Each product will have a different starting price but the ultimate price will be determined by the winning bid. Entering the auctions couldn't be easier. All you have to do is grab some store credit to bid with and then head over to the auctions page and start bidding! The only way to bid is using our store credit which you can do by clicking on the star in our header and then clicking on the pound symbol, alternatively you could click on the Store Credit button below. The bidding process is also incredibly easy, simply head to the auction that you want to bid on and enter your bid. As long as you have enough store credit, your bid will be entered. Each auction has a timer, when the timer reaches zero the bidding closes and the highest bidder is declared the winner. Don't worry if you're not the highest bidder, store credit can be used on any one of the myriad of products on our site!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to use Store Credit?
Is there a minimum bid on Auctions?
Which products will be up for Auction?
Does this include shipping?


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