To join our affiliate program simply follow these steps to create an account and start earning money from your referrals! This page is simply a guide to help anyone with the application process to view our main affiliate page please click here

Step 1

The first step is to login to your account and look down the left navigation menu and select the "Affiliate" link, this will take you to your affiliate dashboard from where you will manage all your Affiliate settings from referrals, payments, withdrawals and view your stats.

Anyone can register for an affiliate account all you need is a normal Total Cards account which we will upgrade automatically once you have been approved. For more information about what discounts and promotions are available on the program please visit our main affiliate page for more info.

Step 2

Once on this page as you haven't join the program yet you will need to click the "Register" button to complete the application form to join our affiliate network.

This page will become your dashboard mentioned in step 1, once your account is approved you will have a menu on the left with links to manage your affiliate account.

Step 3

Here we need you to provide some information so we can get you up and running, the first field is your name. This will be pulled from your account along with your email address. The first field you need to enter is your Youtube Channel, Instagram, Facebook, Website or any other Social Media page that you will be using to promote our discount code or affiliate link.

For Youtube channels please use this format for pasting your channel name -

The next is to tick the box to be notified when we send out an affiliate email, this will include updates to the program, additional promotions, new features and more!

Lastly is the terms and conditions, you know what do... After agreeing to the terms click the "Sign Up" button.

Step 4

Congratulations! Your application will be ready for approval, the last step before we activate your account is to email us what you would like to have as your personal discount code, that customers will use at the checkout.

This discount code is what you give to your referrals or use as your referral link to generate sales with. All of which is explained in your affiliate dashboard once a discount code is submitted to us via email.

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